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Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Umbrella Academy – I Heard A Rumor – Shaun Richens.


1.1 Wide.  THE RUMOR walks down the steps of the Hargreeves mansion. Her shadow falls long across the lawn as the light from the house seeps out into the blank starkness of the cold evening.


1.2 The feet of The Rumor as she walks across the grass away from us towards the base plinth of a large stone statue that stands alone and tall in the centre of the empty garden. (The Statue is out of frame.)


1.3 Close up on The Rumor. Her face half in shadow, her eyes closed tight.

THE RUMOR: I heard a rumor…

1.4 Wide. The Rumor on her knees at the base of the memorial statue of her adopted brother BEN HARGREEVES (THE HORROR) the stature shows him in mask and cape, his hero look. Large tentacles sprout from the torso of the stone statue.

We are looking up at the statue as The Rumor looks down at the ground unable to look at her dear brother.

THE RUMOR (Small) : …That you didn’t die

1.5 Tight on The Rumor, we see half her face and one of her shoulders. Her eye is wide open, a tear filling in the corner. Her mouth has dropped and is as dry as the sun. A man’s hand rests on her shoulder. 


1.6 Pull out. The Rumor is still on her knees. The Kraken (Diego Hargreeves) stands behind her his hand on her shoulder.

The Rumor quietly weeps into her hands.

KRAKEN: Even you can’t fix this one kid. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Storm – A Cool Southern Breeze - Shaun Richens.

This would be drawn my Sean Murphy in an ideal world.


1.1 Wide. The bleak white expanse of Antarctica, the sky is nearly as clear and white as the blanket of snow on the ground. A row of bright orange and yellow tents dots the horizon, standing tall behind them is a selection of HALLEY VI ANTARTIC RESEARCH STATIONS, in blues and oranges. To one side of the research station is a DOPPLER WEATHER RADAR.

Researcher BROOKS (Coming from inside the research station): I think this might work.

1.2 Pulling inside the research station. A group of researchers huddle around a sleek, futuristic looking monitor. Researcher Brooks sits centrally to the monitor.

The screen displays a weather radar image of the local area. The image shows a large swirling blue weather cloud-moving in. (Reference something like this.)

RESEARCHER BROOKS: This is unprecedented. Fisher, check the scans.

1.3 Tight on RESEARCHER FISHER, she looks astonished. Her breath clouds up as she speaks.

FISHER: No need to check the scans. But we might want to turn the heating up.

1.4 Close up on the thermostat built into the wall. The thermostat reads - 57°C


1.5 A Polar bear stands on a tall and thin piece of ice in the middle of the ocean. His four paws close together as the he tries to stay balanced. The bear looks down worried towards the ocean below.


1.6 The Polar Bear suddenly has more room as the ice grows and forms a mini ice island. The bear looks up towards the suddenly dark sky.


1.7 Wide. STORM floats in the air over the ocean. Her cape and Mohawk sway in the strong winds that she whips around herself. Dark clouds form overhead and large snowflakes are falling.

ICEMAN (Bobby) skates over the ocean on a path made of thick ice. From his hands he sprays even more ice this is the source of the bears no island.

STORM: You feeling the breeze yet Bobby?

ICEMAN: I might break a sweat I’m so hot.

STORM: Always with the smart mouth young man.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Human Torch – Sibling Rivalry – Shaun Richens.


22.1 Page wide panel. A beautiful cathedral. Stain glass windows line the old brick walls. Pools of light pour in. SUE STORM stands facing us. We see her from the shoulders up. One of her arms reaching out towards us, her hand up turned, the fingers squeezing the air.

Sue wears an elegant white brides dress, a small silver crown on her head and a matching silver choker necklace around her neck. A glowing green emerald sits in the centre of the necklace. Her eyes have a similar green glow. A cruel smile plays across her face as her eyes narrow.

SUE: Brother dearest I am so pleased you could make it for my big day.

22.2 Page wide panel. Reverse shot from behind Sue. She stands at the altar of the cathedral. VICTOR VON DOOM stands at her side. Rows and rows of empty seats spread out before the pair.

JOHNNY STORM hangs in the air inside a ball of kinetic energy made by Sue. Particles fizz around the bubble.

Johnny is in full flame.

SUE: Come to give me away?

JOHNNY: Sue, Doom has you out of your mind. Please listen to me.

22.3 Tight on Sue. She is squeezing her fingers even tighter together. Her face scrunched up.

SUE: No little brother listen to me.

22.4 The bubble around Johnny has gotten smaller. His flames are starting to go out as he burns through all the oxygen in the bubble. He looks weak.


22.5 Over Sue’s shoulder looking at Johnny. The bubble has vanished, his flames with them. He has landed hard on the floor. He kneels and rests on his hands, exhausted, gasping for air.

SUE: You have always burnt to bright Johnny. Now it’s my time to shine.

22.6 From behind Johnny, still on his knees we look up towards the altar. Sue has taken the hand of Doom.

DOOM: Stay down boy. Kneel for your new Queen.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Conan – Shroud of A Monster - Shaun Richens.


1. A large campfire burns bright against the starless night sky. Rough tents made of animal furs are dotted around the campfire. A lone warrior, clad in a mixture of furs and old armour sits awake as the camp sentry, his rusted battleaxe in hand.

The eyes of a watching pack of  ‘VAMPIRE’ BANDITS speckle the dark horizon with a menacing glow.


2. The camps tents are all a blaze. The lone warrior lies dead on the ground, as do a dozen of the other camp travellers, some women and child. The BANDITS, all of whom wear black furs and patchworks of bronze chainmail, crawl amongst the corpses. The bandit leader NANG sits on his haunches over the fallen warrior. His mouth wide open and covered in blood, all his teeth have been sharpened to points.

CAPTION CONAN: Only cowards need to wrap themselves in a shroud of a monster, to make use of the fear of myth to give power where there is none.

3. Small panel, tight on the warriors neck, a huge chunk of flesh as been bitten from it.


4. The sun beats down on the aftermath of the night-time attack. Dry blood stains the earth all around the corpses.

CONAN knees next to a corpse, examining the neck area. He wears leather armour and has his long sword strapped to his back and a small dagger on each hip. His large white horse stands waiting for him.

CONAN: Drinking the blood of your enemies’ is to give your enemy strength, even in death.
CONAN: And no true warrior would find an enemy in one’s so innocent.

5. Conan holds the severed head of Nang by the hair in one hand as he walks from the entrance of a dark cave. Splashes of blood are dotted over his furs and armour, a calm look covers his stone face.

CAPTION CONAN: To be bold in the eyes of Crom is to spill the blood of your unworthy foe and have your blade be the summons to hell for such false men.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Escapist - - Shaun Richens.



1. The flickering lights of the city at night but upside down. The starry sky at the bottom of the panel the city gutters at the top.


2. Close up on the escapists hands, they are wrapped with chains and held together with a large padlock.


3. The Escapist hangs upside down high above the city. He is wrapped in chains from head to toe.

CAPTION THE ESCAPIST: Sometimes you have nowhere to escape to. 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Mandarin. – He’s Got The Whole World. - Shaun Richens.


1. Close up TONY STARK’s hand. He holds a whisky glass by the rim and gently swirls the iced whiskey inside.

CAPTION: Everyone has a flaw. A chink in their armour.

2. Pull out to show Stark pushing the glass across a table away from himself, he looks away from the drink as he does.

CAPTION: Only those brave enough to see their own…

3. Pull out further to show Stark, in a fine tailored suit, standing tall, the ARC REACTOR in his chest glowing bright.

CAPTION: Can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

4. Close up on the MANDARIN’s hand, he slowly pushes one of his rings on to his leathery finger.

CAPTION: Everyone has a flaw. A chink in their armour.

5. Pull out. The Mandarin holds his clenched fist across his chest. Five of his rings can be seen glowing.

CAPTION: Only those hungry enough to sacrifice it all…

6.Pull out to show the Mandarin sat on a large ornate throne. Carved Dragonheads on the arm rests and clawed feet at its base.

The mandarin wears a flowing dark green robe that falls away down the steps in front of his throne.

The Mandarin has his head looking down and to the side, his eyes closed as he rubs at his temples. He looks weak and frail in this single moment, even though his hands glow with the power of the impossible.

CAPTION: Can hold the world in their hands.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Quantum and Woody. – The Quantum Conundrum of Jack Bauer. – Shaun Richens.

PAGE TWENTY – 8 Panels.
Layout. Page layout is similar in style to the spilt screens from the tv show 24.

1. Black title panel. The classic Quantum and Woody title font in white reads. “The Quantum Conundrum of Jack Bauer”

2. Close up on an iPhone type phone screen. The phone rests on a bedside table. A message has popped up on the phone screen.

It reads 24 missed calls: Eric.

3. A black panel with a digital clock read out overlaid on it. The clock reads.


4. QUANTUM in full costume sprints down a busy city street. He holds his cell phone to his ear.

QUANTUM: Woody! If my atoms break apart because you’re asleep I’ll …

5. Cut to WOODY fast asleep in bed.


6. The GOAT is eating a bundle of $100 bills.

CAPTION: *A story for another time.

7. Black panel. The classic Quantum and Woody white title font reads.

“Will Quantum and Woody Klang in time?*”

“*They honestly swear they’re not a couple.”

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Masks and Mobsters – All The Pieces - Shaun Richens.


1. Tight close up on the hand of DETECTIVE DON COSGROVE. The hand holds a double one domino piece between its thumb and forefinger.

COSGROVE: Domino piece again. It’s the same guy.

2. Pull out to a wide shot. Don Cosgrove stands with his partner ROGER HARRIS. They both wear fitted suits and fedoras. Don is still holding the domino piece and has a half finished cigarette in the other hand. Don has graying hair and is the much older partner, Roger being the young rookie. 

The pair stand in a large, luxurious 50’s style office. A huge window behind them looks out at Golden City at night, the lights of the big city shimmer off the rain covered glass.

On the floor in front of the detectives is a fat balding man; he wears a fine suit minus the jacket, his white shirt soaked in sweat. He is bound and gagged and is gently weeping. This is KEN ‘THE KING’ CAMPBELL, one of Golden cities biggest crime bosses.

COSGROVE: Get the gag off this big baby. Lets see if he’s singing the same tune as the others.

3. Close up on Ken Campbell as Roger pulls the gag from his mouth.


4. Still on Ken Campbell his mouth now free to talk.

KEN: Take me in. I’ll tell you everything. <Sob>

KEN: Just keep her away from me.

5. Same panel set up as 2 but tighter in on the detectives and more of the window in panel.

THE Domino perches on the window ledge; she is illuminated against the bright lights of her city.

The Domino is a slim, lean but muscular African American woman. She wears a fitted black suit and a long black coat. She wears her hair in a small Afro and over her eyes rests a white domino mask. Her hands are covered with black gloves and around her neck rests a set of white pearls.